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The Ocean’s Seven Challenge

Darren Miller plans to swim the Gibraltar Strait. It is the fourth in his quest to be the first person in the world to swim the Ocean’s Seven. Darren from Delmont plans to do this on May 1.

The Ocean’s Seven challenge is the brainchild of Steven Munatones, a swim coach in Southern California, who created in 2008 a counterpart for endurance swimmers to the Seven Summits challenge for mountain climbers.
In the Seven Summits challenge, mountain climbers climb the highest peaks on each of seven continents. In the Ocean’s Seven, swimmers must swim what Mr. Munatones thinks are the seven most difficult ocean channels.

Mr. Miller has swum the English Channel, the Catalina Channel in California and the Molokai Channel in Hawaii.
He must now swim the Gibraltar Strait which brings him half way through the challenge.
After that he must complete the Tsugaru Channel in Japan, the Cook Strait in New Zealand and the North Channel between England and Ireland.

At just 9 miles, the Gibraltar Strait is the shortest, but because of strong currents, most swimmers end up swimming 10-14 miles.

As The Gibraltar Strait is one of the busiest maritime channels in the world, Darren must be on the lookout for ships with up to 300 vessels passing through it each day, plus ferries between Spain and Morocco, and numerous fishing boats.

Mr. Miller, a private client group manager for PNC Bank, is using his quest to conquer the Ocean’s Seven as a fundraising tool for the “Forever Fund,” a charity he co-founded to provide aid to families whose children require infant cardiothoracic surgery at Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh.

To donate, visit http://www.darren-miller.com.

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